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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Spring Kitty

Hello Ladies,

I know! I have been thinking about spring for a long time! and my manicure proves it. haha I cannot wait for the grass brothers to go out and play soccer in the fields, indoor football(soccer) is good but there is nothing better than playing outside, specially with this crazy TN weather, its 63 right now!!.

Today I have a Hello Kitty manicure. I decided to do some flowers and HK loved the flowers so much that she stole a flower.



  1. Ooooh, this is sooo cute and fresh :)

  2. Aw how cute! Your hello kitty is adorable!

  3. The roses are beautiful and the kitty looks so cute :)

  4. This is so pretty and cute!! <3

    Well I was wondering if we could follow each other via bloglovin,facebook, gfc and g+? Do visit my blog and let me know!! :)

  5. Amazing model. The roses looks so cute :)

  6. Aww this is so sweet and cute! Your Hello Kitty manis are always gorgeous. :)

    ~ Yun

  7. This is so adorable, Your so talented at your kitty manicures :) I love the colours, it really is very spring-y! Also wow at what great weather you are having! Hope you have a great weekend, Lydz! xx


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