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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sally Hansen - Red my Lips

Hello Ladies,

 Today I have a nail polish called Red my Lips. Sooo yes, its beautiful.

My experience was not good at all. See that red all over my cuticles? that happened when i tried removing mistakes with acetone. It didn't come off at all and even after 3 more manis I can still see it. I dont get it, maybe it was me, I have tried salon manicure nail polishes from SH before and no issues, so im not sure if it was me.

This nail polish was a little sheer, this is 4 coats and even though my nails are short I still could see the nail lines. I will give this polish another try soon. Maybe  I will change my mind and perhaps removal was horrible because I was having a bad day.

What I used:
Sally Hansen - Red My Lips
China Glaze - Passion
BM Stamping Plate
Out the Door - Top Coat
All this pictures are with Flash

See what I mean? Sorry for the ugly picture but I wanted to show you after removal. I scrubbed and rubbed and this is what I got. Oh well. 


  1. Arghhh - I hate stainers :(
    But the color is so pretty...

  2. oh boy, i wanted to say what a lovely red... but seeing the last photo i change my mind, to bad :(

  3. Eek so much staining :( It's really pretty though!

  4. I hate nail polishes that stain that way, but the colour is lovely! :-)


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