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Monday, January 6, 2014

An extravagant harp!

Hello Ladies,

Today I have another stamping manicure, this time with one of my favorite polishes as a base. The fabulous OPI - DS Extravagance. I also had to stamp it with another beautiful polish, the lovely Color Club - Harp on It!

I absolutely love these 2 together. I broke all my nails again so the only thing I don't like about this manicure is that they are sooo short again. Just when I think we are on the right track, they split on the ends and they get super weak and I have to cute them. But this beautiful polishes sure make me forget a little bit about the break!

What I used:
OPI - DS Extravagance
Color Club - Harp on It!
Out the door - Top coat



  1. It is really beautiful - and what a gorgeous polish :)

  2. I love this gorgeous mani over your lovely short nails (and I do really love short nails) :)

  3. These are gorgeous together!! I love Harp on It!

  4. That's a perfect match - I love how they both look :)
    I also like short nails!

  5. So gorgeous! Love the DS and stamping!

  6. Ohh wow! I really like holo with the holo stamping!

  7. great polishes, both of them, and they look great together :D

  8. Also short nails can be beautiful and with a manicure like this they surely are beautiful! :-)


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