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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

More Christmas Nails

Hello Ladies,

I have a Christmas mani today too. I was completely out of inspiration so I googled "christmas nails" and I got a lovely picture of IHaveACupcake.

I copied it!! :) it was just sooo adorable! i couldnt help myself.

and did you notice I broke 3 nails? I just cant seem to keep them the same length, my nails are splitting in layers and breaking very easily. :(((((( oh well, ill keep trying.

and this is her manicure, isnt it just too cute?


  1. It's so very sweet - you are in total Christmas mood LOL

  2. Aw your re-creation turned out awesome!

  3. lovely manicure :D
    poor nails, but don't cry, they'll grow up, eventually ;)

  4. So cute those nails! Don't give up for the splitting issue ;)
    I will try to re-do this mani too :D

  5. My nails break very easily so I know how annoying it is . The nail design is very pretty :)


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