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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Pandora Inspired

Hi Ladies ,

I loooooove Pandora. My husband got me a bracelet a while back and he has slowly (not that slow) been adding to it for special occacions (or not). Like every other hobby I start, I quickly get obsessed and I can't help myself but wanting more. Sadly this obsession is not like nail polish and other things. I cannot buy with coupons or find better prices. So I have to wait for special ocassions to add to my bracelet. 

Anyway, since I'm obsessed I decided to do a quick Pandora manicure. and This is what I cameup with, because everything else seemed either too complicated or beyond my drawing skills. Haha Simple but to the point. 

Do you Ladies have Panora? want Pandora?


  1. That's an absolutely great Pandora mani, my friend - well done!

  2. I've also got a Pandora bracelet - You've got some really pretty stuff on yours! :)


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