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Friday, May 10, 2013

Off Topic Post

Hello friends,

Today is a very special day - 7 years ago at 11:57 pm I was blessed with a very handsome, caring, loving, sweet, friendly, generous and helpful boy. Nathan has brought joy and meaning to my life, he has changed me and he has also stolen my heart.

I can hardly believe he is turning 7 today - just to think that he will be 10 in 3 years has me scared. Why has time gone by so fast? I miss him being a baby. Anyhow...

I know a lot of you have kids and parties do come around once a year...don't spend tons on party decoration, make them yourself! I want to share some birthday ideas with you, all you need is a printer and different types of paper.

One of the reasons i decided to do also the decorations myself is because there is not really a lot of party supplies available for a Ninjago Birthday Party. Pinterest has lots of helpful ideas as always. Here is what I did.

You can create your own banner:

  • I downloaded the font from - here
  • Used scrapbooking paper for the background
  • Scissors
  • Printed his favorite characters
  • Glue

For the goody bags:

  • I bough plain paper bags very cheap on ebay
  • Cropped out the ninja eyes and printed them in sticker paper
  • Also printed some round stickers to seal the bags on the back

For the drinks:

  • Printed drink labels long enough to wrap around the bottle
  • covered with clear packing tape to prevent bleeding
  • taped it to bottle

Birthday boy helping close the goody bags, he is so excited!
For the invitations:

  • I used some old photo paper that was laying around
  • used a picture from the web, added the text, made some adjustments 
  • print and Voila! 

We are ready for a party for a very special little boy! I will post pictures of the big day!



  1. Happy Birthday to Nathan!
    Te felicito, todo te quedó bellísimo.

  2. Happy birthday to him! ^^
    I LOVE this idea, you did a great job! :D

  3. Happy birthday to you Nathan - I hope you have a fun and wonderful day!!!
    Oh Lydia, this is so awesome those goodie bags are to die for - any chance you are looking in to adopting a slightly older child (who paints flower mani's for her new mum...)???

  4. Happy birthday to your little man :) You did such an amazing job of his birthday party!

  5. Happy Birthday to your son! :)

  6. Happy Birthday para Nathan! he is such a sweet boy, que cumpla muchos más, recuerdo cuando veia tus fotos con tu pancita y cuando era un baby. Que rapido pasa el tiempo.

  7. Happy birthday Nathan!
    You are a very creative mom! I did my baby cousin's invitations for her 2nd and 3rd birthday. It's all about love and creativity :) I am impressed :D

  8. those party bags are bad ass, i always appriciate seeing homemade decor at parties then bought its so much funner.

  9. Happy birthday to Nathan!
    I'm seriously impressed over how creative you are. That's amazingly cool!!

  10. Happy belated birthday to him! Your decorations are awesome! DIY projects are always the best! :D

  11. happy birthday to your sweet boy :D
    those bags are really something, love it <3

  12. Happy birthday to your little adorable son! I like your decorations, beautiful! :-)

  13. What a lovely work you've done for the bday party.

  14. i am having a lego themed party this weekend for my stepson!


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