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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Happy Dance Swap!

Good Morning!

Finally its the weekend, my son has soccer game this afternoon and I'm really looking forward to seeing him play. 

Today I want to show you the contents of an absolutely AMAZING nail package I received from my dearest friend Maria at Marias Nail Art and Polish. Maria you ROCK! I call this swap, the happy dance swap because that is pretty much what i did when I finish unpacking all this goodness!!! 〈( ^.^)ノ 

Let me start by saying Maria knows me sooo very well, she sent me the most incredibly beautiful polishes. Let's get to it shall we?

First up are some amazing Models Own: Top turquoise, Indian Ocean, 
Balearic Cool, Beth's Blue (has to be my favorite of these 4)
 Purple Haze, Purple Poppy, Purple Imperial, Purple Passion, Lilac Dream
 Raspberry Crush, Magenta Divine, Prussian Blue, W7 - Salt n Pepper and 
the Absolutely amazing Gosh - Holographic Hero (drooooolsssss)
 Catrice: It's All I can Blue (beautiful), UpperWILDside, Hip Queens wear Blue Jeans!, 
No Snow Petrol and Smooch - Car-Key
Beautiful Barry Ms: Lemon Ice Cream, Indigo, Bright Purple,
Berry Ice Cream, Essence Blue of being Cool

Last but not definitely not least I'm sooo ready to try these one out: 
a new brand for me Ciate (Sugar Plum & Ditch the heels) and the gorgeous 
holos from KIKO 400 & 399
 KIKO 402, Douglas Absolute Nails  - Maria (Which is very appropriate for this swap since Maria sent it! see Maria's swatch here, ABSOLUTE GORGEOUSNESS) , Illamasqua - Baptiste (a lemming of mine), Well Nails a beautiful handmade polish from Denmark and Uma - Mermaid Kiss.

Well W-O-W Maria! Thank you Thank you Thank you for such amazing goodies. 

Please make sure you visit Maria's blog----> here she not only has the most amazing nail swatches around but also has a outstanding detail for nail art and specially beautiful color combinations. 

Isn't this swap worth a million Happy Dances? Hard to pick a favorite for sure.



  1. Whoa!!!! That's some awesome nail mail!!! Enjoy!!

  2. I'm so happy you like them my dear friend - you SO deserve them :)

  3. Wow amazing swap! Im also a huge fan of Marias!

  4. OMG! Your new polishes are too cute! Lucky girl :D

  5. OOOOh, what a super gorgeous treasure! *u*

  6. What a fabulous swap! Jealous much :P lol

  7. wow what a bunch... i would dance too if i had this kind of nail mail ;)

  8. Amazing swap! :-) When I see all these "goodies" I realize that I have only Kiko polishes but I want all the others! :-)

  9. Wow that's an amazing swap and what a kind friend! Gotta love model's own, I hope you enjoy using them all! I bet you can't decide what to try first! :D xx

  10. You are really lucky: Indian Ocean is the most beautiful nail polish of all the known and unknown universe!!!
    (Cute blog!)

  11. What a lovely swap. So many nice colours:)

  12. Whoa! That's a lot of awesome nail polish! Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  13. While I love nail polish of all different colors, I just realized that I don't like trying out new brands for some reason. That being said, such pretty blues you have in there!

    7% Solution​


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