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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cocoa Smores

Hiiiii there!!

How is it going??? long time no see! :)
I have been extremely busy and as I type this, im past my bed time and completely exhausted. I want to show you some pictures I had in the vault for a while. This is hard Candy - cocoa Smores. I honestly don't like it very much. This is my very first hard candy polish and I have to say im not impressed....*sad face*

I applied some matte top coat and I liked it much better like that.

Do you have this polish, have you tried Hard Candy polishes? what do you think of them?



  1. I don't like it either LOL - but I think it's because of the color...

  2. The color is a bit odd for sure. Looks a little like dirt in mud rather than cocoa smores lol. :-)

    ~ Yun

  3. I do not have it but I like it though. It's lovely with the matte topcoat, good idea.

  4. so elegant, yet spicy, mr love it :D
    glad to see you back :D

  5. Hiya!! I've been busy too and I've been having a bit of the blogger blues so its hard to keep up! Gals I'm getting some time now to stop by! Our walmart finally go these and I wasn't impressed, too much glitter and all the same sized glitter kinda makes them boring!

  6. I like grey and I like Hard Candy Cocoa Smores, it would be great to have it in my collection! :-)

  7. Very pretty. Haven't seen a grey base for this glitters before :)

  8. Nice to see a post from you :D This looks so pretty!

  9. Why you didn't like it? I do! ^^
    Unfortunately, I've never tried any hard candy out :U

  10. I like it! Although the name is a little odd, for sure.

  11. This is really pretty! I love these new Hard Candy polishes!


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