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Monday, April 8, 2013

Candy Crush Nails


Hello Ladies,

Another weeks ahead of us and I see a lot of laziness in my near future. LOL

I have been extremely hooked on a game called Candy Crush Saga and here is my mani to go with it. I did this mani a little over a week ago and I'm a little upset that Sally Hansen - Blue me Away stained my nails soooooo bad, it still hasnt come off!!! ugh!

I used some Sally Hansen, Lime Crime, Sinful Colors, Piggy Polish and acrylic paints. Top coat was Out the Door. Can't remember the exact colors tho.

Here is a screenshot of the actual game on my phone. LOL


  1. It's such a fun ans sweet mani - but arghh, those blues that stain....

  2. I love Candy crush! You really did it justice, it looks fabulous! Your level kills me!

  3. I am also a huge Candy Crush fan and I love your mani.
    Blue me Away didn't stain my nails at all when I used it, weird! :)

  4. Ooh lovely mani! lol games can be so addicting!

  5. I'm addicted to that game too :-). Your nails look very much alike, cool!

  6. I am totally addicted to the game as well...
    Many hrs have been put into it instead of sleeep.
    I am stuck at almost every level!!!!

  7. LOL!
    My bro and almost all of my friends are addicted to that game XD

  8. OMG that game!
    I quit after realizing how frustrated I was getting! One night I was playing, next thing I know it is 2am... Great game and great mani as always! I still have the creepy man's voice in my head :P

  9. Aww, too bad about that stain. But they look gorgeous! lol. Let me just say, Divine! Delicious! Sugar Crush!


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