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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fly Like a Bird - Fake Tattoos


Hello there!

How is everything going??? It's been a while since I have been around...work is kind of crazy right now and I've been making bracelets. But I wanted to this time to show you some really awesome fake tattoos I received from the awesome Team at Fake Tattoos to review.

I wanna start by saying that I know we all get extremely busy every now and then and sometimes we just need something cute that will do the job - Fake Tattoos are the way to go!

The team at Fake Tattoos sent me the several of these nail tattoos and im soo soo excited i got the chance to try these - they are extremely easy to apply and super fast. No joke! Did you ever put on a bubble gum tattoo on? just like that! super easy.

How to transfer them to your nails:
1. Paint your nails - wait for them to dry
2. Cut out the desired tattoo
3. Take slowly away the plastic cover and press the tattoo on to the nail
4. Keep pressing with wet paper
5. When you feel that the paperbacking is sliding away you can slowly remove it
6. Let the tattoo dry for 5 min
7. Apply top coat (make sure to apply at least 2 coats - so it doesn't peel off)

I want to show you the cute mani I did with these awesome Tattoos.

What I used:
Sinful Colors - Sweet Nothing
Fake Tattoos - Fly Like a Bird tattoos
Out the Door - Top Coat

 Fake Tattoos is a swedish company that designs and sells temporary nail tattoos. Overall I was really pleased with the application - much easier than newspaper nails and did i say super cute? If you want to check them out please make sure to visit their website ----> here

I'll be showing you some more of these beauties later on this weekend.



  1. I LOVE this idea! So fast and cute ^^
    I think I might buy some in the future :)
    Hope to read you more ;)

  2. ¡Qué originales! Me gusta mucho la manicura que nos enseñas :-)
    Un besito.

  3. there fun! I both some last week to try them on my nails :)

  4. They look supercool, although a little bit pricey :)

  5. What a pretty mani! Those nail stickers are super cute! :-)

    ~ Yun

  6. Very cute! Glad you were able to try them. I can't wait to do a couple more =D

  7. Wow these are great and it's so easy :-).

  8. Hola!! pasate por mi blog que tienes unos premios esperandote!!!

  9. How fun! Love the way this looks :D

  10. This is really pretty! I want to try this technique sometime!

  11. All photos are fantastic sweetie!!!!! Looking at your posts is a big pleasure.Great idea!! Glitter Tattoo Kits

  12. this is really awsome, so gorgeous!

    xoxo BB


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