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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Born Pretty Store: Adjustable Ring


Hello Lovely Ladies,

I have another awesome item from Born Pretty Store to show you. It's not nail art related but it sure will bring a lot of looks to your hands so you may want to be wearing a beautiful polish with it!

This is the Retro Style Cross Vintage Ring, this ring is adjustable which is a plus. My fingers are  chubby so adjustable rings when buying online are a total must. I also have to mention that I love chunky rings since I find they look soo much better on me than dainty rings - even to i looove dainty rings.  All this immediately made me want to have this ring.

Let me tell you about this item:
Price:  $2.31
Material: metal
Beard Height: 4cm
Width: 2.7cm
Ring Size:adjustable
Were can you get this?: Born Pretty Store ---->click here

When I first got this I thought that it looked different than in the website picture but I do have to say I like this look better! I love the vintage look to it ;more so here than in the site. What do you think?

Wanna see more pictures? I think its very beautiful! - I was a little worried that the double ring was going to bother me when I first put it on, but once you wear it for a while you forget its there. I absolutely love this and I'm so rocking it tomorrow for work! 

Also don't forget that you can use the coupon code "CJL91" to get 10% off your order from Born Pretty Store


  1. It looks lovely on you. I think it would bother me.

  2. It's cool - I don't think I would like a ring that could get caught in something like this - but I now it's stylish right now LOL


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