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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Royalty Reinvented


Hello there!!!

How are you ladies? As i type this - is 10pm im exhausted just finished doing some bracelet and my eyes are burning. Just wanted to stop by and share with you the nail polish I have been wearing for about 4 days now.....It's so beautiful and Purple!!!

Let me introduce:

L'oreal - Royalty Reinvented
(excuse the tip wear, this is 4 days of wear - no top coat!!)

Going to bed, have a nice day!!! :) 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Blue Skittle


Hello there!!

I have done a lot of laying around today....and visiting my favorite blogs! I have not done that in a long long time! I have another Skittle mani - a blue one, just like the purple one I showed you on my last post.

What I used:
Sally Hansen - Blue me Away!
Color Clubs - Over the Moon
China Glaze - Aquadelic
BM Stamping Plates
Out the Door - Top Coat


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Purple Skittle Mani


Hello Ladies!!

How is it going?? Almost friday yay!! any big plans? I'm excited for the weekend - I have promised myself a very low key weekend (which means a bunch of nothing and a lot of sleep - i need it bad).

Now, onto the mani... I looooove purple! and I was in the mood for something purple but couldnt decide what shade or finish or anything so I went for a little bit of a skittle. Wanna see?

What I used:
Wet n Wild - On a Trip
Color Club - Eternal Beauty
China Glaze - Sweet Hook
BM Stamping Plates
Out the Door - Top Coat


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Don't you dare Touch my Tutu!


Hello Ladies!!!

Soooo excuse the silly post tittle! I couldn't help myself. OPI has the funniest names for NP. So while cleaning up on my day off I found a Convenience Store newspaper and I immediately decided to do a newspaper mani - Food edition!

What's on the menu?
  • Lays chips
  • Pepsi
  • Ritz crackers
  • Welch's grape juice and 
  • Cheeto's 
The only thing I was not happy about was that the image transfer didn't work very well and for some reason the newspaper kept getting stock to the nail. Perhaps the material in that specific newspaper? i will never know! lol

What I used:
OPI - Don't touch my tutu! - 3 coats
Rum (you could use rubbing alcohol instead)
Out the Door - Top Coat

 Now look at this beauty!!!! - I'm a sucker for this type of nail polish! I remember absolutely loving this kinds of shades specially growing up...they make yours hands look so clean and neat (even if you just removed a really dark polish and makes your hands look gross)
OPI - Don't Touch my Tutu! 

Hope you guys like this mani as much as I did.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Born Pretty Brushes - Part II


Hello there Lovelies,

Today I want to show you a little bit more about the 15pcs Brush set that I got from Born Pretty Store and that I show you in this ----->post.  I also made a quick video, to show you a couple of things that you can do with them.

 Striping Brushes: Mainly used for lines of different lenghts. I used mine to create the lines on the checkered board on the video.
 Angle Brushes: these are great for shading and even can be used for one stroke flowers or designs.
 Fan Brushes: are great for creating awesome backgrounds or layering effects - like i show on the video.
 Flat Stroke Brushes: Absolutely great for one stroke flowers or shading - very similar to angle brushes but bigger - for bigger designs.
Dotting Tool: great for making dots to give your mani a nice look.
Drawing brushes: My favorite of the set!! you can almost draw anything with it.

 These are some of the strokes you can do with some of the brushes. They are pretty awesome aint them?

 L to R:
-I used a fan brush for my index finger with white and purple acrylic paints.
-I used an flat brush and an flat/angle brush to create the effect on my middle finger.
-I used a striper brush to create the long lines on my ring finger and then a drawing brush to fill in the squares.
-I used a drawing brush for my pinky finger to create the whole design.

I also used these brush set to put together the two sample manis below. You can do all kinds of designs.

You can find these-----> here 
Price: $5.96 
Don't forget that Born Pretty Store has 10% off on your next order if you used the code CJL91. 


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Born Pretty: Hello Kitty Charms


Hello Beautiful Ladies,

For the last 2 months I have been very busy making bracelets and I was sooo happy when I found out that Born Pretty Store sells jewelry making things!!! yes - they do! I was so extremely excited when they contacted me and let me try this Hello Kitty Charms. As many of you know I adore the beautiful kitty.
50pcs Silver Plated Hello Kitty Charms
Materials: Alloy
Mainly Color: Plated antique silver
Conversion:1 inch=25.4mm, 1mm=0.0393 inch

Price: $4.49
Would I recommend it: No doubt - Yes!! I LOVE THEM!

I dont think I can talk enough about them, they are pretty great and little girls love them! I wanna show you what I did with them.

Thanks Born Pretty Store for letting me test these awesome charms. :) Don't forget to take avantage of the coupon code.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Mani


It's me again - Hi there!!!

So for my Valentines Day mani I decided to go for a very popular design that I have seen going around on instagram for the last couple of weeks, dont know who started it but it was genius!! Cheetah Hearts!!

Here is my take....

What I used:
OPI - Natural Nail Base Coat
Lime Crime - Parfait Day
OPI - Kiss me on my tulips
Color Club - Cotton Candy
Acrylic Paint - Black
Out the Door - Top Coat

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! 
Many Hugs,

Born Pretty Store: Valentine's Day - Part I


H-E-L-L-O there!!!

Happy Valentines day lovelies!!! <3<3 hugs <3<3

So... I'm so excited to show you what I got from the awesome team at Born Pretty Store. I have been testing these awesome brushes for a few weeks and I have to say that I love them! even more so than my old ones that are quite broken into LOL - these set is fantastic and has a great price.

15pc Nail Art Design Brush Set

The set come with:
-3 drawing brushes
-7 painting brushes
-2 liners
-1 dotting tool
-2 fan brushes for nail art effect

Price: $5.96
Would I recommend it: Absolutely!

The brushes come in a pouch to protect them and keep them safe and each brush comes with a protective cover. I think that is definitely a plus. There are different types of brushes to choose from, I love practicing on a piece of paper with them. :)

Wanna see what I did with them?

I'll be showing you the mani I picked for Valentine's Day - later on today.

If you would like to buy these brushes please head to Born Pretty Store and don't forget to take advantage of this coupon code. :)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Muddy Fingers Gradient


Hello Lovely Ladies,

I want to show you a manicure that I call the muddy finger manicure. Well, that's exactly what it looks like to me - like i spend some time playing with something dirty.

Buuuuut - let me tell you about this mani I did it on Thursday night of last week aaaand I still have it on! the pictures? I took them last night! yes! last night!!! can you see any wear???? well i will say this "the longest most durable mani i had in a very very looooong time"!!!

What I used:
Lime Crime - Milky Ways
Essence - Oh De Prep
OPI - Servin up sparkle
Make up Sponge
Out the door - Top Coat

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