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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Color Club - Halo Hues - Spring 2013


Hello Amazing Ladies!

I got very impressive nail mail on Friday after work - I am sooooo excited about this Collection! I am a proud owner of the previous Halo Hues Collection that came out last year but this one is soooo much vibrant  so much eye catching, so much more beautiful!!! Absolutely breathtaking!

This is the very amazing Color Club - Halo Hues Spring 2013 

Wanna see what I mean?

I'll be showing swatches on my nails soon....
L to R: Miss Bliss - Over the Moon - Eternal Beauty
Beyond - Kismet - Cosmic Fate
 2 Coats needed - See how super duper beautiful they are??? 
 and in another angle.....
and one more!!!! how impressive these are! 

This was the perfect ending for a stressful week. This week was an emotional roller-coaster for me.  On Thursday my dad had a little accident and he was in the hospital for 2 nights, he got released yesterday afternoon but i have been sooo worried. It is so frustrating being far away. My family lives in Panama - I wish I could have been able to be there with my family. I'm glad he is getting better, its so hard been away.

I'm so spoiled - this collection cheered me up! <3<3<3<3



  1. I agree this collection is AMAZING - nothing less :)
    Aww, I'm so sorry to hear about your father, but happy that he is out of the hospital again!

  2. Espero que tu papá se siga recuperando. Quiero esos esmaltes!!!!!!!

  3. Was this a collaboration between you and Maria? XD
    I am trying to resist to the temptation of buying them XD

  4. Que lindos todos.. espero post. Y que tu padre se recupere satisfactoriamente. Desde aquí te mando muchas buenas energías! :)

  5. ¡Energía positiva para tu papá!
    Los esmaltes son tooodooos preciosos!
    Un besito.

  6. It's a fabulous collection!!
    I am really happy that your dad is doing better. Let's keep it that way :)

  7. I wish your father gets better soon! :-)
    At first sight, my favourites are Eternal Beauty and Beyond! :-) I guess I just have to wait for your swatches to find out something more :-)

  8. What a great way to cheer yourself up! Hope your dad is feeling better!

  9. I'm so glad your dad is feeling better. <3
    This is an amazing nail mail! Can't wait to see the colors on you! :-)

    ~ Yun

  10. omg, now i'm so jealous, i want it too ;)
    fingers cross for your father, hope he'll be fully functional in no time <3

  11. I'm sorry but I'm not such a fan of holo polishes. Maybe as a basecolor for nailart, but I still would prefer another polish. But that's just me ;-).

  12. I can not wait to see these swatched, Lydz! I've been so in love with the soft ones from the winter collection, and these brighter colours look to be even more amazing.

    I'm really sorry to hear you had such a hard week and hope your dad keeps getting better and better.

  13. These are amazing. I'm so jealous right now :) They look nicer than the older china glaze holo collection.

  14. I'm soooo jealous right now and I'm drooling over the dark purple one!

  15. Yay! These look so amazing! :D
    Sorry to hear about your dad. I'm glad he's getting better! <3


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