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Saturday, December 29, 2012

KIKO - 401 Peacock Green


Hello Lovelies,

So I tried my first Kiko polish - Maria sent me this beauty and oh my! It didn't dissapoint! Thank you, Thank you Maria! :) Very gorgeous, too bad I could capture the awesomeness of this polish. Application was smooth and this polish was opaque in two coats.

Without further ado I present you Kiko - 401 Peacock Green



  1. Yo lo tengo y es hermoso!
    No podía dejar de verme las uñas al sol :)

  2. I'm so glad you like it - kind of knew you would LOL

  3. I love Kiko's :). This is a gorgeous holo!

  4. ese color es una belleza!!!! que ganas de tenerlo!!!!

  5. Do I detect some linear holo bits in there? This is stunning!!

  6. I love Kiko nail polishes and this one looks beautiful on you! :-)

  7. Flashy color. I'm not such a huge fan but it fits you well.


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