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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Born Pretty Store - Striping Tape Manicure


Hello Lovelies,

I recently received this awesome striping tape from Born Pretty Store for review.

This set comes with 12 different colors. Most of them have a foil-metallic finish and there is one or two that have a holographic finish . The colors are really pretty.

Colors available: Gold, Pink, White, Deep green, Red, Deep blue, Neon Rose, Silver, Brown, Light blue, Green, Purple.
How much product?: 4.5x0.1 cm(each one)
Price:  $8.99 (set of 12 colors)
Would I recommend it?: Yes

This is the first time i use this kind of striping tape.In the past I have used the striping tape that is used for cars and it was much ticker and hard to work with. For that reason I was never able to do anything cute with it since i could only find it in black. These ones from Born Pretty Store are so easy to manage and the colors are cute, i absolutely LOVE IT!

You can find this striping tape at the following link --->here They are really versatile, you can either highlight your nail art, use it for amazing laser nails, or something similar to what i did below. The possibilities are endless. Is super easy to use:  *make sure your nails are dry and then apply *Pressing the tape down lightly  *Apply top coat to protect it. 

Look at the manicure I made with it. I will definitely be doing more striping manicures now. :) 

What I used:
Lo que use:

OPI - Natural Nail Base Coat
Wet n Wild - Refresh-mint
A England - Tristam
Striping Tape
Seche Vite - QD Top Coat

Purple Ring by me :)
Would you like to see a post with my new hobby?
Born Pretty Store has made a special code for my readers CJL91, they are offering 10% off your order and remember shipping is FREE worldwide.


  1. Looks great, Lydz--I love the colours you picked for it!

  2. Wow that's cool! I got striping tape ages ago but hardly ever wear it as I find it fiddly to cut once it's on my nails. I absolutely love this though :-)

  3. Love the mani and the ring! I should try striping tape. It looks so pretty on nails. :-)

    ~ Yun

  4. It's a very pretty striping mani - and the stone in that ring is gorgeous - yes, please a post about it :)

  5. This is very cute manicure :)

  6. Ooh so many colors! I love your mani and that ring is lovely!!

  7. esta cool. yo compre un tape tambien y aun no lo he usado.

  8. I love the striping tape. It's on my wishlist :-)

  9. WHAT!? I love that ring! It looks like something you could buy in a store because I was just about to ask where you got it! That this is GORGEOUS!

  10. Pretty manicure and what a cool ring :)


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