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Saturday, October 20, 2012



Are you familiar with Influenster? If you are not, I talked about them here.

I have been a Influenster member since February 2012. And I have to say that I absolutely love the program.

Influenster is an awesome program that let's you try out new products for free! The program is tailored to your lifestyle therefore you will only qualify for voxboxes that matter to you.

Influenster has recently relaunch their website, I have to say that the website looks amazing. Easier to read and follow and there are new exciting badges to earn, which could potentially mean more chances for everyone to get different voxboxes.

Oh, I also enjoy that they have added the scores to your profile, its pretty cool. The higher your score the more chances you have to qualify for voxboxes. I love how wonderful the website works with social network websites.

You really need to check it out! Visit Influenster at http://www.influenster.com/


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