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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Color Club - Halo Hues


Hello Lovelies,

Oh Lord! Yes! my all time favorite type of nail polish are Holographics. I knew I had to own this collection from Color Club. Ever since the release I kept repeating: I want the CC -Halo Hues holos, I want them, I can't wait to have them etc.

My hubby was definitely listening. He ordered them for me and surprised me for our anniversary. Holy crap! they are extremely awesome! The sun hasnt been out in a while, it has been really cold and boring, so no outside pictures....im hoping the sun comes out soon, so i can show these beauties some love.

I havent worn them all yet, I did swatch them. Here are the swatches and yestersday;s mani.

This is Color Club - Angel Kiss

 And the beautiful Collection

 Crappy Light 



  1. I'm green with envy, there, now it's out in the open LOL - it's gooorgeous!!

  2. oh my goodness! These look incredible!

  3. me encantaron estos esmaltes!! los podre comprar en a pagina q me diste la vez pasada?

  4. i'll say this very quietly so my hubby can't hear it, but your hubby is awesome :D
    the polishes also ;)


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