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Monday, September 24, 2012

Snow me White is a Jawbreaker!!


Hello Lovelies!!

Hope everyone has a great week! I wore Pretty & Polished - Jawbreaker again last week and WOW! I don't get tired of it and people always compliment on it! Just gorgeous! This is Jawbreaker over Sinful Color - Snow me White / Espero que todos tengan una hermosa semana! La semana pasada use Pretty & Polished - Jawbreaker nuevamente. WOW que esmalte mas hermoso, recibi muchos comentarios sobre el! Este es Jabreaker sobre Sinful Colors - Snow me White.


Look at Jawbreaker with some stamping / Aqui les enseno Jawbreaker con estampado

What do you think about Jawbreaker? / Que piensas de Jawbreaker? 


  1. jawbreaker looks just great, even on its own :D

  2. I love jawbreaker, it's such an unique polish - looks great with the stamping too!

  3. Jawbreaker looks so good as a topcoat. Like the stamping :)

  4. Jawbreaker is definitely super cute! And I love the stamping over it too! :D

    ~ Yun

  5. It's great on it's own but also with stamp.

  6. Lovely polish, love the stamping over the top!

  7. Jawbreaker over Snow me White looks beautiful! :-)

  8. Coool! That really looks like a jawbreaker.


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