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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Butterfly Wings - Tutorial


Hello Lovelies!!

I have a quick tutorial for you today. Let me know if you ladies are interested in me doing more of this types of post or maybe not? Completely up to you :) / Para hoy les traigo un tutorial. Dejenme saber si estan interesadas en este tipo de entradas o si no. Se los dejo a ustedes. :) 

 1. Paint your nails with your favorite color. / Pinta tus unas con tu color favorito.
 2.Use a different color to sponge a side swipe. Exaggerate it a little at the top. / Usa un color diferente para aplicar con la esponja. Exagerala "side swipe" un poco en la parte de arriba.

 3. Go over with black to create your wings. / Con negro agrega el negro para las alas.
 4. Do a curved line at the top. / Agrega una linea curva en la parte de arriba.
 5. Do curved lines all the way down. / Agrega las otras lineas.
 6. Use the black to round up the edges closes to the black side swipe. It will help the wings look better. / Usa el negro para redondear las esquinas cerca de tu color de acento.
 6. Add a dot at the end of each line and then other random ones. / Agrega puntos al final de cada linea.
7. Add smaller dots with your accent color. (Optional) / Agrega puntos con el color que usaste como acento. 

Click on the picture to see more about this manicure. / Click en la foto para ver mas sobre este manicure.


  1. Lydia, when I saw your tutorial I noticed one thing that is very interesting: we are working in a completely different way :-) Maybe you know that also I've made some butterfly manicures, so when I made my Monarch butterfly first I put a black base colour then I continued drawing with red and with glitter. Well, I guess everyone of us finds her own technique, the one that works best for her :-)

  2. When you see the pictures, it looks easy but I believen it isn't. It's a lovely mani.


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