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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Many Uses of Ivory


As part of my Influenster Mom Voxbox i got a bar of Ivory Soap, i have used ivory in the past. My mom has used it for years, this is a great product. My mom and I use Ivory Soap for hand washing delicate clothing and for small stains, it does wonders. It is affordable and come on;  i will be trying soap carving for the price. Nathan is going to have fun with that. I do have to agree that I didnt know the many uses of Ivory Soap. Let me share them with you ladies. 

Use as:
-Hand washing delicate clothes
-Stain remover (yup!)
-Laundry flakes
-Soap carving projects (will be trying it with Nathan)
-Facial Cleanser
-Body Cleanser

A 10-pack usually runs around $4.49

This product was sent for review*


  1. Soap carving sound like fun.
    I don't know the soap, but it sounds like a great idea for washing delicate fabrics too...

    1. Forgot to tell you, that I have an award for you later today :)


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