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Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Sunday's Manicure :) and some venting

Happy Sunday Ladies,

I know I know, almost Monday all over again - yikes!! I'm so not ready for Monday....Last Monday on my first day back from vacations I was surprised....turns out we are not allowed to wear jeans anymore....only on "casual fridays"!!!!! i was pretty shocked, to be honest with you guys, all i own are...jeans, skirts, dresses and 1 pair of dress pants - those are my "laugh and cry pants" (for funerals and parties - where i cant wear jeans). So, yeah it means that i have to buy pants now....how ridiculous!  - i work for a manufacturing, assembly warehouse - i do work in the office area but it is not like people care to impress....so, this whole week i saw people in dress pants and flip flops!! really???? and i cant wear my jeans? pretty disheartening! of course, i wont be the one to point that out to management - this girl wants no trouble. I guess ill use this as an excuse to go Shopping!! maybe i can sneak in a polish or two! LOL Well, onto the nails...

What I used:
Lo que use:
OPI - Natural Nail Art
Catrice - Put Lavender On Agenda
China Glaze - Passion
Image Plate - BM206
Seche Vite - QD Top Coat
More color accurate

i think i didnt allow enough dry time between coats - it bubbled.


  1. How ridiculous - I understand you need to vent!
    I'm sure they give you a raise so that you can go clothes shopping!!
    The mani is however very lovely, it's a good color for you!!

    1. haha i wish they gave me a raise (a girl can dream)...but my workload has increase lots in the last 3 months! - I love this shade is sooo beautiful.

  2. That's so annoying, I feel your pain though. I work in an office and have to dress up everyday.. however, I understand why I have to wear dress pants.. but you shouldn't!!!

    1. yeah its disappointing but i have come to peace with it, i have to get with the program. Maybe they are trying to fix what hasnt been fixed in years. It's a shame tho that they are starting with my comfy dress jeans. :(

  3. oh, we're so elegant today ;-D
    stupid work policy if you ask me :-p

  4. GO to a store like Old Navy and buy a bunch a long prairie skirts with elastic waists and wear those everyday. As comfortable as sweat pants and its what I do all the time. People think you are dressed up, but they don't know you feel like you're wearing sweats! Jobs are stupid!

  5. I love the subtlety of this! Very pretty!

  6. Sucks about your new dress code. You should get some linen trousers - so comfy, and so much better than those horrible nylon type work pants.

    Love the mani :]


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