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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

When random people ask: "Where did you get your nails done"?


So for a long long time I considered getting some business card for my blog. Very frequently I get asked: "where did i get my nails done?" and i always say: "I did it myself", then i get other questions about: what colors, brands i used, and what is stamping...etc. I love talking about the things that i like, in this case nails. But i've decided to get some business cards! I usually get ask to share my blog's URL but half of the time i don't have a pen! lol the story of my life.

So after some research I got some samples from MOO.com and i immediately fell in love with them. I also order some full size business cards and minis.

This MOO business cards are winners on my book! This is the way to go if you are thinking on getting cards for your blog or business.

Paper Quality: Is thicker than regular Business Cards, has a silky feel to it and the colors are vibrant.
Double Sided Print: Yeah, this is a huge plus for me! Your info in the front, whatever image you choose in the back!
Use your Own Images: you can pick images from Etsy, Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, SmugMug or from your computer. You can use as many images as you can, each card will be different or you will have equal amounts of each depending of the quantity you choose!
Price: Not bad at all. Prices are affordable and totally worth it.  I think prices are reasonable for what you get. You could get more from other sites for less money but then again it wouldn't be the same good quality as MOO's.

These are mine! :)

I loveeeee this business cards so much I dont want to give them away! haha

This is what I got! 
My minis - they are so adorable!!
This minis are half the size of full size Business Cards
My mini Business Cards came in this cute box!
Look how awesome! you can add your logo! - Full Size

Want to try it for free? - 10pcs sample - Complete free. Click here! 
Visit moo here for a Free 50pack, just pay shipping. 

PS: This was not sponsored in any way by MOO.com - These items were paid by me, I just really do love these products and wanted to share. :) 


  1. I have had some made too a while back, it's great to have :) You can see mine in my "contact"

    1. they are very useful! arent they? :)

  2. aww lydia thats such a great idea! i love ur cards, super cute!

  3. Those look great! I've been thinking about doing this for the longest time myself!

    1. i think you should! :) request for a sample! they are completely free!


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