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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How to: Water Marble


What you need/ Lo que necesitaras:
-At least 2 nail polishes/ Por lo menos dos esmaltes
-Tape/ Cinta Adhesiva
-Toothpick/Palillo de Diente
-A cup with water/ Un vaso con agua
-A Cotton Swab (Qtip) / Un Hisopo (Qtip)

Step#1/ Paso #1:
Tape your fingers to prevent excess nail polish to get all over your cuticles./ Coloca cinta adhesiva alrededor de tus unas para prevenir que el excesso de esmalte se adhiera a tu cuticula.

Step#2/ Paso #2:
Have the bottles open and ready./ Manten las botellas de esmaltes abiertas y listas.
 Step #3/Paso #3:
Drop one drop of nail polish at a time close to the water. / Deja caer una gotita de esmalte a la vez cerca del agua. 

Step #4/ Paso #4:
 Repeat with each color, you can repeat this as many times as you want depending on what look are you looking for. / Repite cada color las veces que quieras, alternado los colores dependiendo del efecto que quieras.

  Step #5/Paso #5:
Grab your toothpick and start dragging the pattern and creating different swirls. / Utiliza tu palillo de diente para formar el diseno que quieras. 

 Step #6 / Paso #6:
Pick the side of the design you like the most and drop your finger or fingers in (Nail side first). / Escoge el lado del diseno que te guste mas y pon tus dedos en el agua (El lado de la una primero). 
Step #7/Paso #7:
Make sure to use a Qtip to clean the water around the water before you pull your finger out, otherwise the excess polish will get stuck to your nail. / Asegurate de limpiar el agua alrededor de tus dedos con un Qtip antes de sacar tus dedos del agua. Si no haces esto el exceso de esmalte se pegara a tu diseno.

Step #8/Paso #8:
Remove the tape and apply top coat./ Remueve la cinta adhesiva y aplica brillo.

A few tips and tricks/ Unos cuantos consejos y trucos:
-Work Fast: the polish dries super super fast! / Trabaja rapidamente: el esmalete se seca super rapido.
-Use a small size cup, that way you wont waste so much polish./Usa un vaso pequeno, de esa manera no desperdiciaras tanto esmalte. 
-Avoid the use of "fast-dry" polishes/ Evita usar esmaltes que sean de "secado rapido"
-Not all brands work with water marble, so dont get discourage. / No todas las marcas de esmaltes funcionan para manicures marmoleados.

Try it! please feel free to contact me if you need any more info on how to do this or anything else that you see in my blog. :)/ Intentalo!por favor contactame con preguntas acerca de como hacer esto o algun otro diseno que veas en mi blog. :)


  1. Great tips! You gotta just keep on trying with this one...Im yet to master it LOL.

    1. i think the hardest part of it is to find the combination of polishes that will work. Im yet to master it myself too...but i was way worst a couple of months ago lol

  2. Good guide :)
    I only tried once, the water was room temp. but the polishes might have been just a little colder, the dried instantly, and I haven't tried since...

    1. thank you Maria! i hate when they dry too fast. You should try again, water marble manis are beautiful. :)

  3. voy a tratar mañana gracias por subir esta guia..!!


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