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Monday, March 5, 2012

Cheetah Nails? What?


I have one of my favorite stamping designs and one of my favorite colors. I forgot to take pictures but i do have a video :) / Hoy les traigo uno de mis esmaltes y diseno favoritos. Se me olvido tomar fotos pero aqui les tengo un video.

What I used:
Lo que use:
OPI - Natural Nail Base Coat
Color Club - New Bohemian
KSNP - Black Pearl
Image Plate - M56
Seche Vite - QD Top Coat



  1. You are SO busted - you too sometimes wear different polishes on each hand ;)
    I do that a lot if I have a nice design on and am a little too much in pain, then I only do one new hand hahahaha
    But the cheetah/leopard print is always nice, I agree :)

    1. hehe I am guilty as charged! lol i do the same a lot! its the only way im able to keep up. Also sometimes if i really like a manicure i wait a little longer to remove it too.

    2. You are right, keeping up can be a problem. At the moment I'm lucky to have quite a few mani's ready to post, that's a nice feeling. Days with swatches only also can give you breathing space...

  2. Great video! I love the design, and your so good at stamping!

    1. thank you-thank you!! :) that was just a lucky day...i have my bad konad days hehe where the images just hate me! :( i think we all have those.

  3. nice video, love the mani, the base color is awesome :-D


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