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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

OPI - Extravagance (Slight Holo) Plain Beautiful


This color is completely lovely by itself. I'm completely in love with it. No need for stamping, just yet I guess.
Este color esta completamente hermoso por si solo. Me ha fascinado, la verdad es que no necesita ningun  tipo de diseños ni nada por el estilo, por lo menos por ahora.

The pictures can't quite capture the awesomeness of this color. But I tried. By the way, I had a little accident and had to trimmed down my nails. Very sad about it; but I'm still hanging in there. lol
Estas fotos quizas no pudieron captar la hermosura de este color. Pero de verdad lo intente. Por cierto, tuve un pequeño accidente y tuve que cortartme las uñas un poco. Estoy muy triste al respecto; pero supongo que sobrevivire. jaja

Look at it sparkle!

You can barely see the holo in this one. But is def. there.


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