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Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Game. Q&A

En esto me nominó Marissa! 
Marissa nominated me on this game!
thanks ^^

Las reglas del juego del 4 son:
The rules for this (4) game are:

1- Una vez nominado tienes que poner el link del blog que te ha nominado.
1- Once nominated you have to add the link of the blogger that noninated you.

2- Nominar a cuatro personas:
2- Nominate four people:
(dont really have 4 people to nominated, im fairly new to this blogging thing)

3- Hacer saber a esas personas que las has nominado.
3- Let those four people know that they were nominated.

4- Cuatro cosas que siempre llevo en el bolso o contingo:
4- Four things that you always carry on your purse/or with you.
-My phone
-My ID
-My debit card
-Make up bag

5- Cuatro cosas que te gustan de tu cuarto:5-Four favorite things in my bedroom.
-My bed
-My jewelry stand
-My sentsy candle (smells so good)
-My pillow
6- 4 Cosas que me gustan ahora mismo:
6- Four things that you like right now:
-Do my Nails
-Take Pictures

7- 4 Cosas que siempre he querido hacer:
7- Four things that you have always wanted to do:

-Go to Europe
-Own a business
-Bring my family to live to the US
-Learn at least 1 other language.

8- 4 Cosas que no sabias de mi:
8- Four things that you didnt know about me:
-I do not like having girlfriends. They are too much trouble.The few i have, i love to death.
-I hate places with lots and lots of people. Because they act so stupid; aparently they forget how to walk or drive.
-When I get desperate about something or bored. I can imagine a little person inside my head going crazy.
-I'm extremly annoyed by laud noises, or people. lol

9- 4 Canciones que no me puedo quitar de la cabeza

9-Four songs that I can not get out of my head:
-Abrazame -Los Rakas
-Lover, Lover - Jerrod Niemann
-Someday - Sugar Ray
-Gotta Be Somebody - Nickelback
(A little outside of my liking but those 4 keep my little person busy, when bored)

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