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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Stamping Nail Art How To:

If you enjoy having pretty nails but do not have the patience, a steady hand and/or the money for expensive salon designs, this might me all you need to have beautiful, wonderful looking nails. I have never been a girly-girl, never care much for my nails, meaning they were nasty looking, short and uneven. I think the reason why I didn't care much was because I didn't wanted to spend serious amount of money on just getting my nails done for a couple of day since I work on a manufacturing environment (very hard to keep nails long or cute) and of course I'm not a very creative person. But The Konad Stamping system open my eyes to a new way of doing my nails without over thinking it or paying serious cash for them. 

Note: I have been using the Essence Stampy kit and other plates I bought from ebay, I have not tried Konad yet, I'm currently waiting for my 1st Konad package from OC Nail Art to get here! YAY!!!! Excited!  

Enjoy the Video :)

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