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Sunday, September 5, 2010

My KONAD Stuff is finally here!!!

Like I said on my previous post I have been using non-Konad nail stamping accessories and I've been waiting for my Konad order from OC NailArt to arrive. My Konad Stamper/Scraper, Special Polish(black) and Plate m57 are finally here!!! And guess what? I can't wait to buy some more!! I wish I had the money to go buy the Salon Kit, that would be so awesome!...Okay, okay I need to stop, I really don't need all that, but I really want some more plates and different color Special nail polishes (purple, white, blue would be really Sweet!). 

I haven't used them yet, they are still sitting pretty on my nail case. I'm planning on re-doing my nails tomorrow. I was thinking maybe a rainbow cheetah print nail design. I'm not sure yet but, whatever it is you guys will see the outcome tomorrow night or tuesday. Please stay tune for my next post. 

My Order
Black Special Nail Polish
Image Plate - M57

If you want to buy what I got please head to: OC Nail Art Store Kathleen will give you an outstanding customer service. ;) 

See ya! <3

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