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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Crazy Cool Nail Polish

Dear Readers,

This weekend I bought these awesome nail polishes. I got them from Hot topic for $2.99. I love the neat bottles they are so much fun. I will take some pictures of the other two polishes later on but for now I'll leave you with pictures of the polishes and the one I'm currently wearing. 

Color Change - Blue* 
Bright Teal Metallic 
Frosted Garnet

 The bottle on the left is a color change - nail polish. It changes with your mood or I must say with your body's temperature. As you can see on the pictures below I have two shades of blue; it is the same nail polish, you apply one or two coats depending on how dark you want it and once it dries, this is what it looks like. The white part of your nail  (away from the skin) will look darker and the pinkish side(close to the skin) of your nail will look lighter. This is what I expirienced but when you are cold, the polish turns dark blue and when you are hot it turns light blue. It's really cool! I completely adore it. I couldn't find the name of the polish on the website or on the bottle. Sorry! I'll update if I find it.

 Till next time readers,

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