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Sunday, September 26, 2010

OPI - Wing It & Konad

So after a 5 days of waiting to remove my other polish... have manage to put this mani together. Nothing too hard but I guess the color says it all 
What i used??? 
OPI - Wing It (3 coats), 
Konad Special Nail Polish - Gold Black Pearl, 
Image Plate - M60

Wing It was a little of a let down for me...i expected it to less sheer like all other OPI colors I ever had. But not a big deal since the beautiful micro glitter speaks for itself; purple blue and pinkish. The color I expected to be less pink and more orangy but ok I guess; at times you can see the orange on it. 
Definitely better on the bottle I must say....but I would still buy it all over again. I'm just not Pink fan. 

BTW, sorry for the mess...pre-clean up picture.
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Another beautiful color by OPI

What I used:
OPI - Meet me on the star ferry
Konad Special Nail Polish - White
Image Plate - M56

I hope that you can see the little gold shimmer that this polish offers....its gorgeous.
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Purple checkered/plaid design....

What I used:
China Glaze - Tempest (3 coats)
Konad Special Nail Polish: White
Image Plate: Konad - M60

I absolutely loved Konad, all their plates are awesome...well at least the ones that I have tried; the only complaint that I have so far is that the full nail designs are way to little for ladies that have long nails. My nails I would say are average length, not short; not too long...but I still have issues with the full nail design. Just look at the picture I have attached. It still gorgeous but when you look up close you can see the flaws. Next time I will try starting lower on the nail and adding a little flower or something at the top.

I sported this mani for my birthday.
Until next time,

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Going for something less "out-there"

What I used:

OPI - Bubble Bath (2 coats)
Konad - Violet Pearl Special Stamping Polish
IP - M56

Pictures are not very good, took them w/my webcam

more decent picure
I think this mani is extra cute. I'm used to using very dark colors like reds, purples, blacks and blues. But I have to admit I love this one.

Hope you guys like it.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Early B-Day Presents!!!!! Yay!

Good Afternoon Readers,

Even though that I told my husband that I didn't wanted anything for my birthday he was the always impulsive guy he is and went and got me one of the many things that I've been wanting for the longest; a laptop! Yeah and I'm blogging from it! Yay! I know this doesn't have anything to do with nails but I just wanted to share my excitement. My birthday is on the 22nd, so this present was definitely not expected so soon. I knew he was planning something crazy like always but i never thought it was going to be days before my b-day. I guess he brought something new to the craziness tradition; expect the unexpected ANYTIME!.

I love my Brandon so so much. thank you for always been there for me and spoiling me like crazy. You have created TWO monsters, Nathan and me. lol

Till next time,

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Crazy Cool Nail Polish

Dear Readers,

This weekend I bought these awesome nail polishes. I got them from Hot topic for $2.99. I love the neat bottles they are so much fun. I will take some pictures of the other two polishes later on but for now I'll leave you with pictures of the polishes and the one I'm currently wearing. 

Color Change - Blue* 
Bright Teal Metallic 
Frosted Garnet

 The bottle on the left is a color change - nail polish. It changes with your mood or I must say with your body's temperature. As you can see on the pictures below I have two shades of blue; it is the same nail polish, you apply one or two coats depending on how dark you want it and once it dries, this is what it looks like. The white part of your nail  (away from the skin) will look darker and the pinkish side(close to the skin) of your nail will look lighter. This is what I expirienced but when you are cold, the polish turns dark blue and when you are hot it turns light blue. It's really cool! I completely adore it. I couldn't find the name of the polish on the website or on the bottle. Sorry! I'll update if I find it.

 Till next time readers,

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Polish Crazy - Konad

Hello Readers,

I do not like the color pink very much but, I must say that "this" pink has got sooo many compliments, it's crazy! I'm still working on my stamping skills, but I think I'm getting there. 

Things I used:
S. Polish: Konad Gold Black  
Polish - Revlon Pink Freeze
Plate - M57

Thanks for reading, till next time ;)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Multi-Colored Cheetah Print Nails!!

Good Afternoon Readers,

Labor Day its almost over and I managed to enjoy my day off by doing the cutest mani I have done yet. I finally used my new Konad plate, stamper and special polish. I won't lie it was challenging. I'm very bad with my left hand and the lines are all crooked, uneven, and weird looking up close. But who cares??? - I do, but I know I'll just have to practice some more.

Who likes Cheetah Print?? 

Plate M57  
Too excited couldn't wait to clean up. Sorry!.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Inspired by youtube

Dear Readers,

I know its very late and I should be sleeping but inspiration has stroke me again. I'm not going to say much, I'm just going to leave you guys a picture of what I was testing out a while ago. I only did my thumb since it was just a test. I will add other pics tomorrow once its finished. Excuse the mess, I was way too excited and forgot to clean up! LOL

 Until next time, 


My KONAD Stuff is finally here!!!

Like I said on my previous post I have been using non-Konad nail stamping accessories and I've been waiting for my Konad order from OC NailArt to arrive. My Konad Stamper/Scraper, Special Polish(black) and Plate m57 are finally here!!! And guess what? I can't wait to buy some more!! I wish I had the money to go buy the Salon Kit, that would be so awesome!...Okay, okay I need to stop, I really don't need all that, but I really want some more plates and different color Special nail polishes (purple, white, blue would be really Sweet!). 

I haven't used them yet, they are still sitting pretty on my nail case. I'm planning on re-doing my nails tomorrow. I was thinking maybe a rainbow cheetah print nail design. I'm not sure yet but, whatever it is you guys will see the outcome tomorrow night or tuesday. Please stay tune for my next post. 

My Order
Black Special Nail Polish
Image Plate - M57

If you want to buy what I got please head to: OC Nail Art Store Kathleen will give you an outstanding customer service. ;) 

See ya! <3

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Stamping Nail Art How To:

If you enjoy having pretty nails but do not have the patience, a steady hand and/or the money for expensive salon designs, this might me all you need to have beautiful, wonderful looking nails. I have never been a girly-girl, never care much for my nails, meaning they were nasty looking, short and uneven. I think the reason why I didn't care much was because I didn't wanted to spend serious amount of money on just getting my nails done for a couple of day since I work on a manufacturing environment (very hard to keep nails long or cute) and of course I'm not a very creative person. But The Konad Stamping system open my eyes to a new way of doing my nails without over thinking it or paying serious cash for them. 

Note: I have been using the Essence Stampy kit and other plates I bought from ebay, I have not tried Konad yet, I'm currently waiting for my 1st Konad package from OC Nail Art to get here! YAY!!!! Excited!  

Enjoy the Video :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Fauxnad Fails - Personal Success

Hey there! It's me again! 

Like I said in my previous post I have found a new love and it is stamping my nails. I saw a Konad tutorial and completely fell in love with the technique. I was a little skeptical about buying the Konad stamper/scraper, polishes and other accessories because I wanted to make sure it will work before I went and spend lots of money on something that could possible disappoint me. In my quest to determine if it was worth it or not, I bought the Essence Stampy Kit from Ulta along with a sally hansen fast drying polish (someone recommended it on a blog for stamping) and gave it a shot. TOTALLY loved it! 

I realize then that It was probably a good investment and I bought me some more plates from ebay, not konad but still was happy with my plates. I ordered all my plates from a seller named Trendservices. I can't complain, customer service was excellent and my item was in great shape once I got it. I have been using those plates for a couple of weeks now. 

I'm probably taking it too far right now, yes; I'm changing the color and design on my nails maybe once or twice a week. *Blush* It's just that is sooo much fun and why not? It keeps my mind away from the drama and the headaches from the everyday life.

Here are some of the designs I have been putting together, I know they are not great; some of them are smeared, missing a little piece, etc. I have tried covering one stamp that was bad with another one on top, I mean I have been practicing. With that been said, I can see the flaws and probably so do you; but my co-workers can't and that's what I love about it! I have got sooo many compliments on my nails! Thank God for Stamping!

Polish: Purple Pulse - Sally Hansen
Plate - Essence Stampy Plate 
Polish: Balance - Sally Hansen
Plate - B51 
Polish: Cuckoo for this Color - OPI
Plate - B79 
Polish: Underwater - Essence
Plates - B81 and B58 
Polish: Balance - Sally Hansen
Plate - B37 
Polish: Black Diamond - China Glaze
Plate - B29 

First Time Blogger here!

Hello readers! 

Well, right about now I don't have any readers, but I hope to get some! I must start by saying that I'm very excited to start my own blog. I have been reading a couple here and there and that has inspired me to start one of my own. 

First things first, I want to apologize if I'm not making sense, if grammar is bad and for those future "huh?" moments to come; since my English is not perfect. I know that I will be murdering the English language at some point. LOL I was born and raise in Panama City, Panama. Gorgeous little country, big for the "Panama Canal" and other many things.  

I have decided to start my own nail polish, konad, fauxnad fails, etc etc etc blog. I was never into YouTube so, I didn't know what I was missing until my husband show me a video of a very very cool nail design. (Yes my husband!! I don't know until this date why was he watching a nail tutorial, probably looking for a way to make me like youtube.) - I thought to myself, I would never be able to do something like that with my nails and just dismissed any idea or dream of ever having cool nails.
Next day I wake up and I was totally back on youtube watching more cool acrylic design on nails and I came accross KONAD! and I saw heaven open, it was like a hole tore open in the air and I saw a glory light! lol I'm in love what can I say! 
 Picture of my first ever try at fauxnad. Very sloppy I must say and I still haven't got better ha-ha! I love purple by the way, its my favorite color ever. 

I will be adding some pictures of some fauxnad attempts and hopefully I will get good at this stamping hobby, Sorry for the picture, I know is blurry and it doesn't have a very good quality, it was taken with my phone.


Plate - Essence Stampy Kit
Polish: Purple Pulse by Sally Hansen 

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